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Focus Design is your design partner with whom you will find unique and cost-effective solutions for commercial success. We are specialized in industrial design, UI/UX design and service area design.


With decades of work experience from design, we will find the ways to increase user experiences  and to design products that will increase your brand value and customer loyalty. Our goal is always to strike the perfect balance of aesthetics, usability and value.

Industrial Design icon

industrial design

Industrial design is all about designing products, services and user experiences. It improves the usability, aesthetics and price-to-quality ratio of products and services, as well as the ease of production.


Creating effective interaction between the user and the product or service is one of the major challenges in design. A well-executed solution will improve not only the experience, but also leave a lasting impression on the user.

concept design

industrial design



• concept innovations

• concept development

• brainstorming

• sketching

• ergonomic studies

• selection of components and materials

• preliminary concepts

• 3d renderings

• 3d design

• brand elements

• style definition

• branding and communication

• design strategy

• redesign &customization

• design management

• modelling and prototyping

• testing

• final designs

• virtual model construction

• design engineer

• 3d printed mock-ups

• PUR prototypes

• photo-quality images

• concepts

• design modifications and optimization

• 3d modeling from sketches

• collaborative work with your industrial designer

Industrial Design

graphic design

Our versatile service range covers corporate image and graphics design, creating websites and packaging design, as well as color and material design. We can smoothly combine graphic design and product design for a high-quality solution that is always coherent with your brand and identity.


Every company needs a relevant graphic identity to support its corporate brand. We design new corporate images, as well as update existing ones.

Graphic Design icon

brand identity

marketing materials

Personalized visual identity: logos, visual elements, colors, typography, business cards, form and presentation templates etc.

Brochures, flyers, advertisements, banners, roll-ups, social media campaign materials etc.

package design


Visual design of the package, materials, effects and efficiency of the package.

Visual design of the website and user friendly usage. Easy updating with wordpress based sites.

Graphic Design
UI/UX design icon

UI UX design

In User Interface design (UI) we create aesthetic and seamless interaction between your services and users. With interface designing we visually improve and ease the perception of the content and elements.

In User Experience design (UX) our aim is to simplify the whole experience of your services to the user. Designing starts from understanding the overall user experience of your services. As a result, the requirements can be determined for practical use of the services.  

user interface design

user experience design

combined UI UX design

Aesthetic and seamless interaction between your services and users.

Simplify your services whole user experience.

Combine the results from UX survey and UI design into effortless, visually aesthetic  service.

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design packages

Product development and commercialization of product ideas are cornerstones in a company’s success. The challenge in many cases lie in, how to visualize the idea so, that other stakeholders understand the concept.

See more information and all released design packages.

mechanics design

We offer a high class precision mechanics design for challenging and demanding products. Our main experience comes from the field of optomechatronics and optical devices, test and measurement equipment and electromechanic devices.


Our services are tailored to customer needs. Whether it is an update to an existing product or an idea to be developed to mass production, we handle all the needed actions for you.

Mechanics Design icon

feasibility study

concept study

product design

In Feasibility study we will explore and review the product idea, evaluate the project costs and give a summary of the feasibility.

In Concept study we will have options to explore new product concepts, cost reduction concept for existing products and quality improvement concepts.

Product design can include all or just a part of these packages according to customer needs: Mechanics design, manufacturing drawings, simulations (structural analysis), bill of material & part lists and tooling approvals for production tools.

UIUX Design
Mechnics Design
Supporting Solutions

cost reduction

Cost reduction projects are beneficial for the customers. They will create lower cost for the product by improving part manufacturability and making the product bill of material lower. In addition, final assembly will be easier and more reliable bringing manufacturing yield high and field failure rate low.


Cost reduction projects consist normally of selection of suitable materials and manufacturing methods for each part to gain low cost and high productivity even for low volumes.


Our expertise has been achieved by making hundreds of parts which are manufactured by molding or forming method. We have the know-how of tooling design potential and know-how to evaluate current product manufacturing method and select the most suitable for creating cost reduction.

Cost Reduction icon
Cost Reduction
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