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optomed orbit

Focus on clear look which matches now with Optomed's product family and brand.

Optomed Orbit software on computer screen

Effortless and user-friendly solution

Optomed Orbit, Patient Data Management solution for viewing, sharing and archiving of fundus images, got a new and fresh UI at the same time when the whole Optomed brand identity was refreshed. Orbit’s look is now more clear and contemporary matching with Optomed’s product family’s colors, elements and icons that also reinforces the visual identity of the company.

UI and UX is consistent, user-friendly and visually professional looking. It’s now easier for the user to navigate in the workspace itself and compare images and other data of the patients with more explicit and adjustable patient list. Managing and searching of studies is effortless.

The user has the ability to customize the workspace by hiding and/or displaying tools and features according to their own preferences. Workflow has been streamlined and improved in terms of user experience.

Simplified experience, aesthetic and seamless interaction between software and user.

design process

Main improvements comparing to previous software:

Improved user experience

  • Clear navigation

  • Simple patient lists

  • Effortless searching

  • Adjustable tools and better management

  • Workspace is more customizable

  • Clear division between workspace and settings

Improved visual look of the software

  • Now matching with Optomed's product family

  • Refreshed professional look - colors, elements, icons 

Optomed workstation software
Optomed Orbit software design
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