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Design Management services

Focus Creative Oy offers companies a Design Management service that works 1, 2 or 3 days a week. The Design Management service is performed by an experienced Design Director hired by the company.


Job description of the Design Director

The Design Director works closely with the marketing, sales and product development teams to ensure that all products designed for client companies meet customer needs, company values and fit seamlessly with the client company's brand.

The Design Director leads, coordinates and performs several tasks related to the company's design. Tasks can include innovating product solutions, product design and development, developing corporate image and identity, and general creative roles and tasks.


The Design Director can work together with the company's management in identifying customer target groups and analyzing them, developing product innovations and defining solutions, designing products, design tasks and graphic design tasks.

The design director's daily tasks vary depending on the projects and the size of the team. However, daily tasks may include attending, preparing and coordinating meetings. The Design Director can ensure that the design work is of sufficient quality and that all given instructions are followed.

The Design Director collaborates with all departments to achieve design goals, creates innovative solutions and puts them into a context that can be easily understood by other teams and customers. Tasks may also include preparing the budget and regularly analyzing it to ensure that it remains sustainable throughout product development. The Design Director mentors and guides the team members and motivates them to achieve the set goals.


The Design Director has:

• Deep understanding of the entire design process from brainstorming to the final product

• Creative skills to form innovative ideas

• Accurate knowledge and insight into trends

• Good managerial and organizational skills

• Ability to be a leader, but also know how to motivate team members

• Patience and determination to solve problems in time

• Flexibility and reliability to work in versatile work environments

• Ability to deliver and manage projects consistently

• Excellent communication skills


Tasks of the Design Director in daily work:

Developing product strategies together with marketing and product development managers. The Design Director innovates, prepares design strategies, creates concepts and presents them to senior management.

A Design Director can manage a team of several designers, evaluating individual design performances and the overall performance of the team. Also gives critical feedback when needed and encourages team members throughout the project.

The Design Director works closely with the product and marketing teams. Works with technical team to ensure cost-effective manufacture of designed concepts. Works in close cooperation with the marketing team as well because they know the end customers best and are thus involved in defining the product's features, appearance and appearance and in presenting the end products to customers.

The design director's input is also often needed in website conceptualization, usability planning and testing, user interface conceptualization, exhibition and fair event planning, packaging design, corporate identity development and marketing support activities.

Design leaders use artistic and creative skills to visualize design projects and use analytical skills to select and supervise the design teams that create these projects based on the specific needs of the client.


Design Director for your company:

The best results are achieved when the Design Director can be committed to long-term development of the customer company's products, identity and design solutions. The Design Management service is available for a minimum duration of 3 months.

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Get in touch, and I'll map out your company's current situation with you and map out your goals and future needs.

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