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Designer & Design director
Alpo M. V. Keinänen



About me

I have been working as an industrial designer, manager and director around 20 years and most of time also as an entrepreneur. I’m the founder and design director of Focus Creative and Movercases, being responsible for the company’s services, design, user experience, product development and brand building.

Through years of design work and hundreds of projects, I have gained a strong knowhow of concept design, innovations, product commercialization and productization. Alike design management, brand and design consulting are in the field of expertise of mine.

Work and education
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Work & education shortly


Designer & CEO

Focus Creative Oy

The design company offers e.g. medical equipment design services, furniture and space planning, graphic services, usability and equipment design services.


Design Director

Optomed Plc

I worked as a Design Director of Optomed Plc and a member of Device Management team for 7.5 years. I was responsible for the company's product design, usability and identity.


Design Director & Founder

Movercases Oy

MoverCases designs and manufactures custom product carry cases for our customers business needs. We design and produce the cases in direct contact with the manufacturer. 


Design Director & Founder

Muotoiluasema Oy


Design Manager & Partner

Profectus Finland Oy


Educations & Studies 

Muotoiluasema operated for more than 14 years in a very wide area in the design field. We designed various kind of  equipments and products.

At first I worked as a retail and furniture designer, later also as a partner and design manager.

I first studied as an artisan carpenter, stonemason and later in an army as a gunsmith. After this, the actual design studies and the cultural teacher's degree plus numerous courses and leadership training.

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Some projects

Over the past few years, I have been able to work very closely with several companies that produce medical devices and services. The products of these companies have not been seen on the market for a while, so I cannot present pictures of these projects yet. However, I can mention that such customers are e.g. Optomed Oyj, Serres Oy, Delfin Technologies Oy, Topcon and several others.

Case-OptomedAurora wht.jpg
Optomed Plc

Aurora medical device product family

Optomed handheld fundus cameras are patented high-quality technology.

Inora Oy

Dry Toilet

A dry toilet that can be embedded in the floor structure and is easily emptied is a high-quality and ecological solution.

Transtech & VR

Double-deck train cabin car

We gave the cabin car unit a shape and look and designed its parts to be easy to manufacture, assemble and replace as needed when still in use.

LEGO Playroom

Incap Furniture & LEGO

The LEGO Playroom consisted of numerous modular pieces of furniture and parts that could be combined in many different ways.

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Movercases Oy

Tuotesalkut ja innovaatio

Ready-made collections of product carrying cases and design services for individual carrying cases. 

Retail consepts

Veikkaus Gaming areas and other retail concepts

I have designed numerous retail concepts, equipment, furniture, spaces and solutions for our customers. My clients have been e.g. RAY, Nokia, R-Kioski, LEGO (Isku), K-Market, Tiimari, Metro-Tukku and numerous other retail chains and merchants.


Disposable eye cups

Optomed E-Safe is a new accessory for Optomed handheld fundus cameras. These patented, single patient-use disposable eye cups provide eye care professionals a safe and hygienic retinal imaging for their patients.

Project 7
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Interested in my design? Contact me and we’ll discuss your projects and design needs.
As design services, Focus offers you e.g. device design, medical device design, furniture and retail design, graphic design services and usability design. Mechanical design, simulation and manufacturing services are also available through us, supported by our partner network.
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Alpo M. V. Keinänen

+358 40 512 4321

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